What is a Soul Guru, anyway?

Well, my friend, it’s YOU. You truly are your own best teacher. Let me help you tap into a wealth of knowledge that lies within. After over a decade of training clients, I created Soul Guru Fitness + Wellness because I saw a growing need in the fitness industry of something more than just sweaty physical exercise. Soul Guru is an awareness based approach to wellness that envelops all aspects of health: body, mind and spirit. My intention is to help you all start living more authentically, from the place of listening to your inner voice and following your heart.

Brent Sig

Brent Hruska

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    I love working out with Brent. I have had some sports injuries in the past and some general mid fifties aches and pains. We work around those in a safe (very important!) way but still get the goal accomplished of having a challenging workout. No matter how frazzled I am when I enter the workout, I always leave with a smile on my face, feeling better having had some great conversation along the way. I absolutely 100% recommend Brent!

    Mark Benezra

    When I started training with Brent, I didn't realize what a huge positive impact he would have on my life. I worked out with him pre and post major joint replacement surgery where he prepared me and nurtured me to optimum physical health. As I continue to heal, he pushes me weekly to excellence in achieving my very best self with variety, patience, and a deep understanding of the human body and spirit.
    Genevieve Waldman


    Brent really changed my life. His non judgemental encouragement inspired me to try a plant based lifestyle. That decision has brought immense joy, growth and strength to my being. His ability to delight and inspire without guilt or shame is truly a gift. I feel so lucky to have crossed paths with him. He appeared when I was at a very dark place in life. A year and half later, I feel like a new, vibrant woman. He has a way of delivering surprising and uplifting messages when you need them the most. I attribute so much of my physical/mental/spiritual growth to Brent and have so much love and gratitude for his perspective and whole body wisdom for wellness.

    Kelly Thompson

    You know that it was a phenomenal session when it is hard to put your mascara on. As a current client of Brent's, I am writing to assure you that Brent is absolutely the best personal trainer I have ever worked with. Whether you are bulking up or slimming down, trying to improve your health or strength, Brent has the background and commitment to help you succeed. No matter what your fitness goals, I am certain Brent will be more than able to help you get there. I give him my highest ratings!
    Andrea Fuentes

    Brent inspires me on a daily basis to make and obtain new life and fitness goals. His knowledge and care for his clients is unlike any other trainer out there. Brent is driven and his passion for fitness is clear through his training and amazing support. I recommend Brent to anyone looking to make any type of healthy lifestyle change.
    Tacy Elizabeth Hill

    As an active 50+ female, I was desiring a more holistic and total body workout - a departure from my redundant running routine. Brent constantly brings an intentional enthusiasm to our sessions and, most importantly, is focused on what I want out of our time together. Whether it's a de-stress day, a zen day, a kill it day, or something else, Brent is so intuitive to what is needed each time we work together. Plus, he's thoughtful in offering well rounded, real suggestions on nutrition and overall well being. Brent was born to nurture others and has clearly found his calling in personal training and wellness!
    Kim Carlson

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