Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are your coaching values?

    As your COACH, I want you to know:

    1. I will honor the time we are together and hold your confidences.
    2. I will not judge you and will respect your perceptions of the world.
    3. It is not my “job” to change you. It is my privilege to bring you awareness, clarity of choices, and, if you choose, action to your life.
    4. This is my personal commitment to be impeccable with my word and keep my commitments to you.
    5. I will present an open heart.
    6. I will always hold you in positive focus. We will concentrate on what is working in your life and create more that will
 work for you.
    7. I believe you have all your answers within.

  • What’s your training philosophy?

    I empower and teach others how to build and sustain a healthy and vibrant lifestyle step by step – inside and outside of the gym. While I’ve spent years teaching people how to take care of themselves physically, I have come to realize that in order for you to feel your highest and best, simply working out is not enough. I utilize my knowledge of strength training, cardiovascular training, yoga, meditation, Reiki, plant based diet, breath work and more to develop a set of practices you can implement into your life… Customized just for you.

  • What inspires you?

    Anyone that seeks to grow. The moment we start to focus on cultivating and developing ourselves – actively taking the time to focus on how we can grow – is the moment we start down the path of becoming the greatest, happiest and most fulfilled version of ourselves. I can say truthfully that the more I focus on my own personal growth, the more equipped I am at helping others uplift themselves.

  • What’s your best tip to clients?

    Develop a morning ritual. While it’s hard to identify the “best” tip for clients, I can say that implementing a morning ritual has been one of the most transformative practices I have introduced into my life. A morning ritual allows me to “get out of my own way,” releases resistance, and sets a positive tone for my day. My morning ritual realigns me with my purpose and fuels me with renewed passion, energy and enthusiasm for life. It enables me to focus throughout the day and fosters within me a deep sense of gratitude and joy. Right now my morning ritual contains a 20 minute jog (rain or shine) followed by ten minutes of yoga and 20 minutes of reading/journaling. My recommendation for a beginner’s morning ritual: five minutes of deep breathing and five minutes of journaling about three things you are grateful for.

  • What makes your training style unique?

    I provide the BEST mobile personal training, wellness coaching, and life coaching on the Eastside and Seattle area!

    I combine ancient healing practices from around the world into my training. In a session you can expect anything from meditation to resistance training to yoga to reiki. Every session is intuitively designed to bring your body, mind and spirit into further alignment. Think personal training on an energetic soul level.

  • Do you offer couples or small group discounts?

    Yes, the fee is an additional $25 – $50 per person, per session, depending on the service. Please inquire about this when booking your session via the contact form. Small group lessons are also available upon request. Include this information on the contact form when booking your session and we will workout the additional payment at this point.

  • How do I book a session?

    After purchasing your session(s) through the online store, contact Brent to schedule your session. If you are a NEW CLIENT, contact is via new client intake form (click here). EXISTING CLIENTS (who have already filled out intake form) click here. NEW CLIENTS must also print and sign Liability Waiver and return hard copy to Brent in person or via email.


  • What is your cancellation/return policy for products and services?

    Please refer to TERMS AND CONDITIONS to answer questions regarding product or session purchasing and scheduling.

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